Shuswap Lake Utilities provides potable water to Shuswap Lake Estates & surrounding area of the community of Blind Bay. Shuswap Lake Utilities draws raw water from the Blind Bay basin portion of Shuswap Lake and treats this water in accordance with the guidelines and conditions of the Provincial Drinking Water Act and related regulations put in place by the Regional District Health Authority including permits and licensing requirements. This activity is monitored by the Interior Health Authority’s Drinking Water Officer.

Water System Overview

Shuswap Lake Estates has a robust system of pumps, treatment facilities and storage reservoirs, including sufficient storage to be used in the case of emergencies such as fire fighting. These systems are operated by trained and licensed personnel.

Shuswap Lake Estates Water System Overview

Sewage Treatment

Sewer Treatment at Shuswap Lake Estates: Shuswap Lake Estates has a modern sub-surface aerated lagoon wastewater treatment facility. It consists of 3 lagoons all supplied with pressurized air; Lagoon 1 is a smaller pre-treatment lagoon designed to breakup the solids, and Lagoons 2 & 3 are larger lagoons which are further baffled for increased compartmentalization and efficiency and finally a fourth man made large storage pond.